As entrepreneurs, ideas is the fuel of our creations. What differentiates an entrepreneur from another is their capacity to put those ideas into actions rapidly. When you have an idea of a product to sell online, most of us would not want to wait months for the development of a Website equipped with an online store, and would like to put their idea in play right away. Platforms such as Shopify are easy of use (DIY), will allow you to put your thoughts into actions rapidly, with the use of ease to set-up Websites. You are doubting that you can create an online commerce with only 5 steps? See for yourself.

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

Why should you choose Shopify? Because it is a very powerful tool, as you will be able to see, performant and popular. Easy of use, you do not require any specific skills such as coding or the need to be operated by a computer science genius. With Shopify you will have access to an infinite number of personalized themes and templates, to best suit your online story style and interface, it will provide you with innovative functions, with most simplicity. The first step consists in creating your Shopify account, in order to have access to the online store creation interface.

Step 2: Personalize your online business

Many will tell you to add your products, but I find it more logical to begin with the same base as your Website: its look. Choose a theme that you enjoy its template and how things are laid out. You will be able to then change the colors depending on your brand, the font, images, and any other things that will make your online business more complete.

Step 3: Add your products

Your products page is fairly simple: it has a title, a description, a price, and a retailer. You can fill out the form as you desire. You will later then be able to add the amounts of the specific product, and an image for your clients to see.

Step 4: Choose a domain name

In order for your website to be easy of access, you will need to choose a name for your Website. This is the name you are giving to your e-commerce to make it official. I strongly recommend to buy your domain name independently from Shopify an to write it yourself to save some money, buying directly from Shopify means it will cost more.


Step 5: Choose a payment process

In this step, you will need to choose your payment method and process, such as Stripe or You will also be able to choose the Shopify processor which is simple to use. How do you do it? All you need to do is follow the simple steps provided by Shopify and it is all done!

Step 6: Test it out!


Once all these steps done, you are ready to launch your website. Simply click on the button  »Launch Website » and you will officially be the proud owner of your online e-commerce. Pretty simple right? Now that you have done the biggest part of the work, all is left to do is test out your website to make sure everything runs smoothly as wished. You will then be able to add products and promote them.

With a little bit of organisation and a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, this kind of Website can take less than an hour to set-up, creating the basics in such a short delay and then working from there. This is a very interesting option for entrepreneurs that would like to open their e-commerce, quickly, and with great quality standards. Shopify will allow almost anyone to have an online store without encountering useless and time taking problems, and almost no management. Simple but powerful, easy of use but complex at the same time, this is the best of both worlds.

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