We at La Web Shop do things differently, you probably have seen the lights of our offices on 267 Rue Racine and 510 Rue Collard opened late at night or fairly early in the morning and wondered why?. We have decided to completely ban imposed schedules, and allowed them to be flexible to the employees needs.

We were told about the negatives of this… but we tried it anyways

A lot will say that even with its flaws, a ‘’8-4’’ schedule for employees is the best way to assure a good client service and to make sure employees are productive. As this statement does make sense, we can definitely tell you that after adopting the flexible schedule style for our employees, we still had amazing results, for productivity as for client service.

Trying it is Adopting it…!

Like most, we were worried that adopting this method would create a lack of attendance at work, or diminish the efficiency of the business. Contrairely, we are witnessing surprising results after adopting this method, we could see an increase in productivity, the motivation of employees, and mostly, their attachment to the business they work for. 

What we realized

1 – Everyone has a different lifestyle

The people that make up our team come from everywhere, we work with people with infinite projects in life. Some are parents who take part in school activities of their kids, or people who are going to school or would like to go back, adventurers who want to visit the world, and a lot more!

All our employees are hard working: they simply do not have the same reality and life objectives. The key is, prioritising happiness in life to benefit happiness at work. Imposing a structured schedule to employees will just get in the way of their personal projects, am I not right?



2- Not everyone is wired the same way

Having a structured schedule does not consider when employees are individually more productive. Some can have an overflow of energy in the morning, but in the afternoon are completely pooched, but they still have to work until 4p.m. which means they will be less productive.

When we put in place the flexible hours system, we were able to see that employees would work in the times that they are more productive and concentrated for the job. Giving them the chance to decide their hours is a gift for them, but for us also, giving us more efficient work, meaning more money coming in.

3- Freedom: The main source of creativity

It is often said that creativity drives well-being and happiness in people. Allowing your employees to work when they would prefer it, this will make then more creative and want to create more.

Offering this schedule concept to the employees of La Web Shop, we saw a significant positive change in the creativity of employees, their efficiency, and their mood at work.

From external to internal work, all seem to be more passionate about what they do, more opened to new ideas and bring their own to the table for improvements.

4- Main criteria from youth generation

Schedule flexibility gave us the chance to receive many resumes from people seeking work. The generation of young workers prioritize life quality, a good balance between family and their job, and freedom. When choosing not to impose fixed schedules to employees, you are reaching to employees that are opened, passionate, that have human relations as a criteria, and are responsible.


Sounds great, but what about my clients?

There are a few rules to follow in order for this to work: you need to always assure that someone is present at the offices during regular work hours. Your clients will then be able to reach a member of the team and receive the service wanted. You don’t need to be worried, your employees are responsible, they know clients should be contacted on regular hours, they will simply organize themselves and make things work.


You can do it too!

You do not need to close your eyes on the reality of your employees. We know that opening up to the idea of accommodating employees as much as possible can seem, dangerous and risky. Although, we are now convinced that having flexible hours for employees is the solutions to having a hard working, and motivated team.

Still curious about our philosophie? Reach out to us! We will be happy to help you benefit from this unscheduled method, that allows many positive aspects for a business to prosper even more.